Been in a bit of a recovery over the winter. Parotid gland cancer gave me a good shake. But surgery and radiation now over, let's hope that's the end of that. Kinda thought I'd be full of inspiration and songwriting savant-ness but nope, only full of radioactive isotopes at the moment. All the same, life continues and spring is around the corner! D

As I suck at blogging, podcasting audio is forthcoming. I think I'll be better at that.

So much has happened and so much time has past. Wow. I suppose getting my solo release written and recorded has kept me from posting pointless drivel on my website so we'll call that a good thing. Scheduled to come out later this summer - I'm excited and exhausted to finally be in the final stages. So many great musicians have helped me out in the recording process so many thanks go out to all of them.

'Cold Medicine' is the title of the record and I believe it's an equal combination of rock, blues, singer/songwriter - album oriented music. In music industry talk that would mean 'there should be no hit singles on this record!'..... But I hope people will disagree. We'll see. I'm making a note to myself to update more frequently with 'Cold Medicine' info and some documentations of the whole process! Yep! d

I leave for Japan this Tuesday- whenever I leave for these kind of things i get anxious that I'm not nervous enough about going. I guess most people would be getting themselves organized and put together for the trip by now, but I usually just wait till a few hours before and pack it up and head to the airport. Things will work out.

Not sure what will unfold over there but I'm excited to see - these are shows with my buddy Travis Feaster who is a great guitarist/vocalist. We'll be doing a bit of his material, a bit of my material and some covers that don't make us want to stomp a bunny. He and I have been throwing around ideas about a collaborative project for a while and the Japan excursion sounds like a great way to spend some extended time to chat that shit out and jam on some tunes while we're at it!

OK, I've got less than 48 hours before departure....time for a bowl of cereal......walking dead's coming on...d

Well this is anything but consistent. I have been extremely busy with various shows but most importantly I've been writing and recording for my very first solo release. I've decided on an EP format which means anywhere from 6 to 8 songs. I've had the pleasure of having a few different musicians from the area in on the recording process which makes it anything but the same old thing. Hoping for a release by years end!

Got some cool things in the works for the end of October with my buddy Travis Feaster as well. I'll keep ya posted. d

Here's to a great new year everybody.. I have a number of recording projects going on right now which is keeping me fairly busy. This year I intend on releasing my first solo record depending on funds, friends, scheduling and inspiration. Having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to that. Singer/Songwriter? Blues? Rock? All three? Three completely separate releases? That's something to sort out. d

Like the title says, cold and flu. I've been fighting a bad cold for the past week and luckily I haven't had to sing very much. Got lucky.

I'm excited to see Joe's DVD set came out this past month and the response has been very positive. I've had lots of kind words from lots of people and that's really cool. 

Been working on a video shoot of the LLC that's going to start 'rearing it's ugly head' very soon. I'm really excited about it because it did capture us (at least for a portion of the show) in what I consider the 'zone'. There was a power outtage towards the end of the night, I had an hour or so to get good and inebriated (thinking that the power was out for good), only to come back when it came back on and do a few songs slurring and stumbling. Those may stay off the DVD...maybe a bonus DVD only for friends....anyway, keep an eye out for it if you can - I'll post it here on the site as soon as the first one pops up on youtube or what have ya.

OK. Stay healthy out there everybody! d

It was the busiest summer ever, and though I do suffer from Autumn depression, I am looking forward to some down time. I'm excited to see some of the Joe B. promos out there for the London shows. It's funny when I look at that footage all I can think of is how cold I was! I wore my ugly eddie Bouer down jacket zipped to my chin the entire time. Not a good look. But I am looking forward to watching the DVD set.

I've started a 'Songwriter Night' at a club here in town that has gone very well. It's in it's 15th week -never thought it would last this long- so that's encouraging.

With the busy summer I've struggled with my writing but as of late this has changed. Got a few in the oven. Got some videos coming out soon.....and I've found my newest favorite comedian. Doug Stanhope. I love great comedians. There is a great parallel between musicians and comedians in my opinion and I have a great respect for the artform. Till next time.

Yeah that whole posting journal entries thing was a bad idea. Think I'll keep those under wraps.

So it's been a very very busy summer so far. Busy is good, but I need a vacation desperately. Haven't been able to really focus on my own songwriting the way I need to since 2012! Doing what I do for a living, it's a feast and famine kinda sitch so I gotta take it when it's there, but I am spread thin. 

One thing I'm doing now that I feel good about is hosting a songwriter night. So far it's gone very well. Big thanks to all of the artists I've had out to spotlight at the venerable Ale Emporium. There's a bit of an adjustment curve as the night progresses, now being 8 to 10:30 every Wednesday. Next week Jason Brown will be hosting in my stead while I play the annual "Guitarmelfest" in Carmel. It's a fun show where a handful of Indy's guitar geeks (like myself) get up and do short sets with plenty of self indulgent guitar. So I'll be back hosting the Songwriter Night on July 10th.

Got to see a bit of the Joe Bonamassa DVD the other day from the London shows - very cool. It's always a little unsettling to watch yourself on video. I think for me the strangest is the fact that I can remember exactly what was going through my head and random thoughts I was having in every scene I saw myself in. Weird. The brain's a whacky thing. Cheers everybody.

Back in July I got a call from Kevin Shirley - he was organizing a number of shows in London for Joe Bonamassa and wanted to bring me out to be part of them. 'I know you and Joe like to do things off the cuff but it has to be well rehearsed and great so I want you out there for a couple weeks prior to work out the kinks'. Awesome. Unfortunately this would be 9 months down the road, and I had to keep it under wraps - I remember someone saying 'Facebook be damned'. That's a hard thing to keep quiet about for nine months. 

But now it's over and I'm back home. Now I can reflect on all the crazy things that have happened - the ups, the downs- the incredible experience I had over there. I tried to keep a journal. I used to keep a journal when I was younger and decided at one point that journals are for self absorbed young people with too much time on their hands. I was wrong. There is a clarity that you maintain by keeping one. My memory is not that clear. I drink too much, I sleep too little, and the details elude me. So I'm planning on posting some journal entries and photos here for those of you who are interested. I am very grateful for the people who believe in my talents - and I've been fortunate that they've gained me some incredible experiences that I would otherwise never have.

I'm ashamed that I went to do some house keeping with the website and noticed I hadn't blogged since November?? How is this possible? I've been so busy with other projects. Even now I'm preparing for another project going on this spring which I'm very very excited about- but it's tempered with the reality of bill paying and here I am chasing those dollar bills. Damn! I've been feeling very inspired lately and have a few songs in the oven that I'm real excited about. Can't wait to get them presentable. One is in process. It's very weird for me because it's about the demise of a midwestern band. I wrote it about 6 months or so before the end of H6s but it really didn't have anything to do with the demise of that great midwestern band.

Just posted the new song "What I've done to You" after dragging my feet on it for quite a while. Truth is I did what everyone always does when they get a new song put together - play it for industry people first to see what they think. That never goes well, why do I fucking do that? So my confidence gets shaken and I contemplate throwing it back in the lake to grow into the monster it could be one day. But it's done, and it is what it is - I like it. It's posted for streaming and/or downloading- don't cost nothin. I hope it can become a part of your personal soundscape at this moment in history for you and yours. That would make me happy. 

Speaking of streaming - I'm getting ready to post another tune and it's a first for me- a cover tune posting. A legal one. It's an old Stevie Wonder song that I've wanted to do my thing on and put out for a very long time. So I had to get the licensing squared away - and it is in process. Anyway, it's costing me about 25 bucks to throw it out there as streaming audio - no downloads. But if I burn through the number of streams I paid for super quick and get some rabid feedback then I may pull the trigger on giving Stevie even more money so you all can download it on my dime - it would be my Christmas gift to you. And Stevie needs those groceries. Cheers.

So I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to finish up a song that I'm very proud of - "What I've done to You". I brought Wade Parish (of H6s fame) to play drums and he was great- very reminiscent of the 'Bluejay' sesh for me. Will post soon.

I've been trying to write as much new material as possible between my gigs and bohemian lifestyle here in Indianapolis (sarcasm is an American invention btw). Speaking of that bohemian lifestyle, I was having a conversation with friends last week about what being an artist/musician here in Indy is like....somewhere between the Dead Marshes (LOTR) and the island of misfit toys is pretty much where we ended up.

Here's the deal- there are an enormous amount of killer musicians in this town but not nearly enough artists...what's the difference? A musician is a person with a specific talent who hones his skill on an instrument (voice is an instrument btw), works his ass to the bone and gigs while chasing his tail apologetically in front of bar owners flanked by large screen televisions. Artists do what they are inspired to do and make no apologies about it..they entertain with their own conviction and their front of large screen televisions.

I'm both of these things...back home in Indiana. Where the artists are few, but the mortgage is due. 

So it's been a busy summer and I want to thank everyone who's come out and supported my efforts with the LLC. Had a great show at the Rathskellar last week even though hurricane Isaac showed up and forced us inside. When you perform in a small little space like that it's a bit stressful because it's so intimate you become, or I become, over aware of how intrusive you can be to someone who might just happen to be there. You got a quiet little evening planned with your lover of choice and the next thing you know Doug's there with his Les Paul and an Orange cab screaming in a microphone. So it always takes me a good amount of time before I relax and get the mojo going once I realize that we've got the upper hand. We have the place packed with you peeps who want to hear it! So off you go my little lovers, we're gonna do this thing and you can either join the party or go watch 'The Vow' again until sleep overtakes you. You guys made that happen and I appreciate it.

Now I'm going to start tracking the next Doug tune this coming week. Not sure which one it's going to be yet- I'll make that decision on Monday. So if you've been out to the shows, then you've heard the potentials so here are the titles - you pick! I know that the titles don't help you remember the tune - that's what makes it interesting.

The next song to get underway will be....

a) Simple Plan???

b) Lament for the Band???

c) What I've done to you???

Fall has always been the season that spins me into a bit of a funk. Always been that way. Particularly and curiously when I smell burning leaves (chances are I won't have much of that with the burn ban still in effect around here). Why is this? It's always however been a good season for songwriting. I think it's true that to write a great song you have to be at least a bit miserable.. so here's to fall depression!

Went to see John Hiatt in Bloomington this past Monday - what a great show, and what a great town Bloomington is. There are people there who actually listen to music! And they seem to enjoy it! What happened? Anyway, John is truly a legend in my humble opinion. We would have a statue of John Hiatt and Kurt Vonnegut on the circle downtown if it were up to me.... 

So I got a pre-release copy of Johns newest CD "Mystic Pinball" and I love it. And I'm not just saying that cause I got to sing on it. It's rocking, it's intelligent, it's fun and clever, and Kevin did a killer job on the production- it just drips out of my truck speakers like sweet sorghum. My favorite track is "Wood Chipper".. (which I did not get a chance to sing on-damnit!) fucking brilliant. 

After a couple of false starts on a trip to LA this week, I'm diving back into one of the big projects on my plate - 'The Easthills'. I'm producing the record, we've been in the final stages for quite awhile, and I'm really excited for people to hear it. It's not your typical rock record - a breath of fresh air for my ears even after thousands of plays in the studio over the past year. 

Been trying to find some 'inspirato' lately. A bit of writers block going on. Tried to spring the lock with some Coors (Smokey and the Bandit style) tall boys last night to no avail..

Hello out there. Finally have the site up and going and all I have to say is- what a relief to have 

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