So I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to finish up a song that I'm very proud of - "What I've done to You". I brought Wade Parish (of H6s fame) to play drums and he was great- very reminiscent of the 'Bluejay' sesh for me. Will post soon.

I've been trying to write as much new material as possible between my gigs and bohemian lifestyle here in Indianapolis (sarcasm is an American invention btw). Speaking of that bohemian lifestyle, I was having a conversation with friends last week about what being an artist/musician here in Indy is like....somewhere between the Dead Marshes (LOTR) and the island of misfit toys is pretty much where we ended up.

Here's the deal- there are an enormous amount of killer musicians in this town but not nearly enough artists...what's the difference? A musician is a person with a specific talent who hones his skill on an instrument (voice is an instrument btw), works his ass to the bone and gigs while chasing his tail apologetically in front of bar owners flanked by large screen televisions. Artists do what they are inspired to do and make no apologies about it..they entertain with their own conviction and their front of large screen televisions.

I'm both of these things...back home in Indiana. Where the artists are few, but the mortgage is due. 


November 06, 2012 @11:42 pm
those who can create worthy music are artists, those who can't own bars
October 23, 2012 @10:04 pm
Pay bills is what you DO. Art is what you ARE. What you breathe in, and offer up, is a GIFT. And don't you let any large-screen-havin', latest-gimmick-lovin', play-more-hours-for-less-money-and-no-break-or-comps-insistin' bar owner make you think otherwise.

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