Yeah that whole posting journal entries thing was a bad idea. Think I'll keep those under wraps.

So it's been a very very busy summer so far. Busy is good, but I need a vacation desperately. Haven't been able to really focus on my own songwriting the way I need to since 2012! Doing what I do for a living, it's a feast and famine kinda sitch so I gotta take it when it's there, but I am spread thin. 

One thing I'm doing now that I feel good about is hosting a songwriter night. So far it's gone very well. Big thanks to all of the artists I've had out to spotlight at the venerable Ale Emporium. There's a bit of an adjustment curve as the night progresses, now being 8 to 10:30 every Wednesday. Next week Jason Brown will be hosting in my stead while I play the annual "Guitarmelfest" in Carmel. It's a fun show where a handful of Indy's guitar geeks (like myself) get up and do short sets with plenty of self indulgent guitar. So I'll be back hosting the Songwriter Night on July 10th.

Got to see a bit of the Joe Bonamassa DVD the other day from the London shows - very cool. It's always a little unsettling to watch yourself on video. I think for me the strangest is the fact that I can remember exactly what was going through my head and random thoughts I was having in every scene I saw myself in. Weird. The brain's a whacky thing. Cheers everybody.

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