So much has happened and so much time has past. Wow. I suppose getting my solo release written and recorded has kept me from posting pointless drivel on my website so we'll call that a good thing. Scheduled to come out later this summer - I'm excited and exhausted to finally be in the final stages. So many great musicians have helped me out in the recording process so many thanks go out to all of them.

'Cold Medicine' is the title of the record and I believe it's an equal combination of rock, blues, singer/songwriter - album oriented music. In music industry talk that would mean 'there should be no hit singles on this record!'..... But I hope people will disagree. We'll see. I'm making a note to myself to update more frequently with 'Cold Medicine' info and some documentations of the whole process! Yep! d


July 08, 2015 @01:14 pm
That's great news. We're certainly looking forward to its release!

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