Like the title says, cold and flu. I've been fighting a bad cold for the past week and luckily I haven't had to sing very much. Got lucky.

I'm excited to see Joe's DVD set came out this past month and the response has been very positive. I've had lots of kind words from lots of people and that's really cool. 

Been working on a video shoot of the LLC that's going to start 'rearing it's ugly head' very soon. I'm really excited about it because it did capture us (at least for a portion of the show) in what I consider the 'zone'. There was a power outtage towards the end of the night, I had an hour or so to get good and inebriated (thinking that the power was out for good), only to come back when it came back on and do a few songs slurring and stumbling. Those may stay off the DVD...maybe a bonus DVD only for friends....anyway, keep an eye out for it if you can - I'll post it here on the site as soon as the first one pops up on youtube or what have ya.

OK. Stay healthy out there everybody! d

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