I'm ashamed to notice I haven't blogged since November. How is this possible? I've been so busy with other projects. Even now I'm preparing for a project this spring -which I'm very very excited about- but it's tempered with the reality of the many bands and engagements I have right here and now.

I've been inspired lately and have a few songs in the oven that I'm very excited about. Can't wait to get them presentable. One is in process and it's about the demise of a band. I wrote it about 6 months or so before the end of H6s but it really has nothing to do with the demise of that great midwestern band. Anyway, so far, Steve Fulton (drums), and Tim Fuller (bass) play on it. Both of these dudes are in a great jam band - Sourmash that I enjoy playing with. I'll be posting the tune when it's done. Promise to blog again soon. d

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