Fall has always been the season that spins me into a bit of a funk. Always been that way. Particularly and curiously when I smell burning leaves (chances are I won't have much of that with the burn ban still in effect around here). Why is this? It's always however been a good season for songwriting. I think it's true that to write a great song you have to be at least a bit miserable.. so here's to fall depression!

Went to see John Hiatt in Bloomington this past Monday - what a great show, and what a great town Bloomington is. There are people there who actually listen to music! And they seem to enjoy it! What happened? Anyway, John is truly a legend in my humble opinion. We would have a statue of John Hiatt and Kurt Vonnegut on the circle downtown if it were up to me.... 

So I got a pre-release copy of Johns newest CD "Mystic Pinball" and I love it. And I'm not just saying that cause I got to sing on it. It's rocking, it's intelligent, it's fun and clever, and Kevin did a killer job on the production- it just drips out of my truck speakers like sweet sorghum. My favorite track is "Wood Chipper".. (which I did not get a chance to sing on-damnit!) fucking brilliant. 

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