Just posted the new song "What I've done to You" after dragging my feet on it for quite a while. Truth is I did what everyone always does when they get a new song put together - play it for industry people first to see what they think. That never goes well, why do I fucking do that? So my confidence gets shaken and I contemplate throwing it back in the lake to grow into the monster it could be one day. But it's done, and it is what it is - I like it. It's posted for streaming and/or downloading- don't cost nothin. I hope it can become a part of your personal soundscape at this moment in history for you and yours. That would make me happy. 

Speaking of streaming - I'm getting ready to post another tune and it's a first for me- a cover tune posting. A legal one. It's an old Stevie Wonder song that I've wanted to do my thing on and put out for a very long time. So I had to get the licensing squared away - and it is in process. Anyway, it's costing me about 25 bucks to throw it out there as streaming audio - no downloads. But if I burn through the number of streams I paid for super quick and get some rabid feedback then I may pull the trigger on giving Stevie even more money so you all can download it on my dime - it would be my Christmas gift to you. And Stevie needs those groceries. Cheers.


December 18, 2012 @01:09 pm
I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Buy Stevie some groceries. 'Cause that cover is. a.maz.ing. In my not very humble opinion. xo
December 16, 2012 @10:15 pm
muchas gracias for "What I've Done to You". Those of us who aren't industry people always wait our turn with great anticipation. This one's a keeper, in my humble opinion. Wow even.

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