I leave for Japan this Tuesday- whenever I leave for these kind of things i get anxious that I'm not nervous enough about going. I guess most people would be getting themselves organized and put together for the trip by now, but I usually just wait till a few hours before and pack it up and head to the airport. Things will work out.

Not sure what will unfold over there but I'm excited to see - these are shows with my buddy Travis Feaster who is a great guitarist/vocalist. We'll be doing a bit of his material, a bit of my material and some covers that don't make us want to stomp a bunny. He and I have been throwing around ideas about a collaborative project for a while and the Japan excursion sounds like a great way to spend some extended time to chat that shit out and jam on some tunes while we're at it!

OK, I've got less than 48 hours before departure....time for a bowl of cereal......walking dead's coming on...d


October 19, 2014 @10:56 pm
Donna Tremblay
Wow! Japan!! Safe travels, and have a great time jamming and excursioning! :)

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