So it's been a busy summer and I want to thank everyone who's come out and supported my efforts with the LLC. Had a great show at the Rathskellar last week even though hurricane Isaac showed up and forced us inside. When you perform in a small little space like that it's a bit stressful because it's so intimate you become, or I become, over aware of how intrusive you can be to someone who might just happen to be there. You got a quiet little evening planned with your lover of choice and the next thing you know Doug's there with his Les Paul and an Orange cab screaming in a microphone. So it always takes me a good amount of time before I relax and get the mojo going once I realize that we've got the upper hand. We have the place packed with you peeps who want to hear it! So off you go my little lovers, we're gonna do this thing and you can either join the party or go watch 'The Vow' again until sleep overtakes you. You guys made that happen and I appreciate it.

Now I'm going to start tracking the next Doug tune this coming week. Not sure which one it's going to be yet- I'll make that decision on Monday. So if you've been out to the shows then you've heard the potentials. Here are the titles - you pick! I know that the titles don't help you remember the tune - that's what makes it interesting.

The next song to get underway will be....

a) Simple Plan???

b) Lament for the Band???

c) What I've done to you???


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August 23, 2013 @03:05 am
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What I've Done To You. please and thank you

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