Bluejay on the Wrenhouse

Healing Sixes


Don't disturb my wanting - to foretell my days.  I have heeded warnings - all to feed disdain.

Lord help my mother - her son is so far gone.  Slipping in blood and trouble - all to leave her alone.The sweetest bird was singing - songs I thought were mine.  There's a Blue Jay on the wren house - think I'll lose my mind.

To be forever weeping - it's a thing to sing the blues.  It's quite another - to make another sing those blues for you.

There's danger in drinks and dreaming - with ones you must forsake.  Breathe in your youth and blow out the truth like candles on powder kegs.

The sweetest bird was singing - songs I know were mine.  There's a Blue jay on the wren house - time to leave it behind.

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