Move On

Healing Sixes


One is for what you put on, and two is reveal.  Four's what you got to keep on, and free is what you feel.  Take what you want to tear off, walk when you want to walk off and move on.

I'll take every hook you put on, the bait is your freedom.  One day I'll make it go on and eat what you feed 'em.  Say what you want to get out, don't blame me for when I peek out and move on.

You said move on, move on, there's always a way to live on.  Come on, live on, there's always a way to move on.

Tried every way you could find to free up the needle. They all said you never would mind to please all the people.  Tie up your menacing tongue and cry if you want to stay young - so move on.


Plan for most any price- save so many lives- and stlll might see your head on a spike.


-that's not a way to move on.