Slow Ride to Change Your Mind

Doug Henthorn
Doug Henthorn


I’d never take it from you. But girl I’m gonna try. Minds are always changing. So say you’re coming by. We‘ll take it for what it is, take a slow ride- be the girl I think you is.

Said your wheels been broken. The man he put you through. I got some down time honey. Hey have a drink or two. Said you really don’t think you should. Take a slow ride, say you might wish you would.

I saw the man you want in pictures on line. Well you can justify your actions in time. Well take a slow ride to change your mind babe.

I’ll take the whole night to keep ya. The lamps they’re turning low. It’s been a long time coming, you say you gotta go- and love‘s for the foolish kind. Well take a slow ride, say you might change your mind. Take a slow ride to change your mind.

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