Wolf Cried All the Way to Memphis

Doug Henthorn
Doug Henthorn


Piled in the Fairlane north of Tupelo. Head down 61 with many miles to go. Got a girl in Jackson, say she's got a nice spot. But Hubert done found your Mama in a Clarksdale barber shop. Yeah the Wolf cried all the way to Memphis.

 You just might remember when push comes to shove. Anger tears and heartache in the summer of love. She said that Bill McKinley's nothing but the devil's seed. Balled it up and throw it down, said boy you better leave. Yeah the Wolf cried all the way to Memphis.

 Where did that son go wrong? Ain't no way that fork tongued devil- he ain't gonna do me wrong.

 The times in West Virginia seemed to never stop. You said they'd try to take you down when you're rolling at the top. Blow by the heart break town's with an AM radio. Kinda like smokestack lightning- shining down like gold. Yeah the Wolf cried all the way to Memphis.


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