Doug Henthorn

Doug's been changing the oil in a number of projects since founding and fronting the now disbanded blues-rock band Healing Sixes (2000-14). His debut release 'Cold Medicine' (2016) is a crafty and brooding songscape with more of a focus on voice and lyric than his previous H6's era. His second release "The LLC" (2019) is a fun barebones rock record with a healthy dose of newly termed 'Alternative Blues'. His current release 'Three' (2022) is a deep dive into the 'golden age' rock genre and is receiving rave reviews.

Besides his solo career and Healing Sixes, Doug has shared his voice and/or guitar skills with notables such as Joe Bonamassa, John Hiatt, Jason Bonham, and Beth Hart to name a few.
Doug performs and records all over the US and abroad while maintaining his residence in central Indiana. 

A list of Doug's works are listed at the bottom of this page.

 Highlights over the years:

  -Signed to Columbia Records in mid nineties with the band Pod.

-Formed Healing Sixes and released four records that featured talents of Kevin Shirley (producer), Jason Bonham (drums), and Joe Bonamassa (guitar).

-Performed and recorded with John Hiatt, Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, and many others.

-Performed throughout US, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Europe with noteworthy performances at Royal Albert Hall and Hammersmith Odeon in London with Joe B.



Doug Henthorn - 'Three': Written, Produced, Mixed and Engineered

Doug Henthorn - ‘The LLC’: Written, Produced, Mixed and Engineered 

Doug Henthorn - ‘Cold Medicine’: Written, Produced, Mixed and Engineered 

Joe Bonamassa - Live in London ‘Tour de Force’:  Lead and Backing Vocals 

John Hiatt - ‘Mystic Pinball’:  Background Vocals 

Endiana - ‘How to Walk Out’:  Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

The Easthills - ‘Fear and Temptation’: Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

John Hiatt - ‘Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Blues’:  Background Vocals 

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa - ‘Seesaw’:  Background Vocals 

Tracer - ‘El Pistolero’: Background Vocals 

Endiana - ‘Secret War’:  Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

The Easthills - ‘Death of a Salesman’: Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

Joe Bonamassa - ‘Driving Towards the Daylight’:  Background Vocals 

The Easthills - ‘World Class Prick’:  Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

Joe Bonamassa - ‘You and Me’:  Lead Vocals on “Tea for One” 

Healing Sixes - ‘Bluejay’:  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

Healing Sixes - ‘One Less Friend to Ignore’:  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Produced, Engineered 

Healing Sixes - ‘Enormosound’: Lead Vocals, Guitar 

Chris Stone Band - ‘Leftover Grooves’:  Produced, Mixed, Engineered 

Five Till Dawn - ‘Heartbreak and Hand Grenades’:  Produced, Mixed, Engineered




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