Doug Henthorn

Straight ahead old school rock inspired by bands of the 70s with a healthy dose of blues.

After a two year hiatus, Doug goes back to the drawing board with every intention of making a traditional blues record. What transpired was a straight up rock record with a healthy dose of blues influence. Very much along the lines of the great bands of the 70s, Doug created an honest and fun rock record surrounded by ‘The LLC’: Tim Fuller on bass, drummer Wade Parish, and guitarist Travis Feaster.

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Cold Medicine

Doug Henthorn

Smokey, blues influenced songwriting with a reverence for album rock..

Cold Medicine is Doug Henthorn's first solo effort after founding and fronting the band Healing Sixes for nearly 15 years. Recorded over the course of a three year period, Doug put together a concise and efficient record. "I have a great love for album rock and put this together with that in mind. I didn't want a bunch of songs thrown together just to fill up slots on a CD. That's why I feel comfortable with just seven tracks. It's something I’m very proud of that you can listen to from beginning to end in one sitting."

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