The Tip Bucket

It’s a tough time for artists these days, and making records is an expensive business. A lot of musicians use crowd funding, patronage sites, and fan subscriptions to cover the expense of creating, releasing, and promoting their music. That stuff makes me uncomfortable. But I am comfortable with tip buckets.

We all know how tip buckets work. If someone enjoys what I’m doing they might just throw me a bone and I’m thankful for it. At shows those tips usually end up going towards  gas, food, mortgage, and all that.

So I’ve created a virtual tip bucket. But these tips are going towards only one thing: my music. That’s it.

If you dig what I do and you’d like to help with the cause then the tip buckets here. I’ve got my Venmo info right there and it's private so it'll be between you and me. It won’t go unappreciated or ignored. You’ll see.

If you don't have Venmo then you could PayPal me here:

Hell you could even mail it to me if you wanted: Doug Henthorn, PO Box 83, Westfield  IN 46074. I'm just saying, if you want to help then I'll accommodate. 

That’s it! If you don’t use the tip bucket that’s okay! It’s a tip bucket - you can walk right by it and there’s no hard feelings. Maybe next time!